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In a frank new interview, artist, activist and musician Wolfgang Tillmans has discussed the impact having HIV has had on his life, and how it has affected his work...

“I found out I myself am HIV positive but I have never made that active subject in my work,” Tillmans said, responding to a question posed by the CEO of the Terrence Higgins Trust, Ian Green. “People are so scared of AIDS that everything in the world foreshadows this.”

Tillmans also referred to the tragic death of his boyfriend, German painter Jochen Klein, who passed away of AIDS-related complications back in 1997. “HIV impacted my life from the first day of experiencing having sex. Of course, it affected me when my boyfriend, my love of my life suddenly died of it. At the time therapy was possible, but he found out too late.”

“AIDS has always been in my life and now it has featured in my work. I’m aware of the fragility of life,” he added, in what may be his most open conversation about the disease...

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Jochen Klein