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On March 1st, Visual AIDS, along with the New York Public Library, were proud to host, "Your Nostalgia Is Killing Me," a conversation and public forum around the issues of nostalgia, art, AIDS and representation with artists, writers, activists, and other members of the public. The event began with a discussion between "Your Nostalgia Is Killing Me" poster creators Vincent Chevalier and Ian Bradley-Perrin, along with artist Avram Finkelstein, and writer John Weir. The event was moderated by Patrick "Pato" Hebert based on a format designed by himself and organizer/activist Tamara Oyola Santiago in discussion with Visual AIDS. The panel discussion was followed by small group break out sessions (faciliated by Oyola Santiago, Brittany Duck, Ella Boureau, and Ted Kerr) and then a large group discussion. Both the panel and large group discussion were recorded, which you can watch on YouTube.


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Vincent Chevalier