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Arel Siviş



Whenever I meet Arel, he is armed with a sketchbook, art tools, and some surprising objects from a flea market which have grabbed his attention, like sunglasses from the 1950s or a half used box of oil pastels from a different era. He has a gift for observation, and he finds beauty in objects and forms that skip most people’s attention.

Arel is concerned with memories and ways of representing them. He is an archiver, and his apartment has wonderful and curious images and objects displayed from floor to ceiling on every wall, in the style of a 17th century salon! There is a sense of enquiry in his artwork: he seeks to access the stories behind objects and people using the process of representation to question how they came to.

His work expresses his relationships with his subjects – he depicts people, places and forms sensitively with colour and gestures that are full of life, honesty and affection. His methods are experimental and include digital and analogue processes in his art of visual storytelling. Arel is an imaginative conversationalist who is fascinated by art, history and architecture, and is a wonderful person to spend time with. I fully recommend the art and conversations of Arel!

Pete Keller

Artist from the UK