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Bruce Witsiepe


Wm. Bruce Witsiepe (1951-1995)

After a short stint studying philosophy at the University of Delaware, Bruce turned to visual exploration at the Louisville School of Art in Kentucky. As a creator in the music/performance group Circle X he became a seer of broad, haunting ideas and dynamic compositions uniquely fired. Among his myriad expressions and observations was a deeply sensed dichotomy of burden and longing. "Belief" was a term of action for him. It could be considered that recognition of his fragile existence strengthened his natural inclination towards collaboration. He developed a strong drive to put people together with projects of grand stature or small piercing bulbs of endeavor. Simultaneously his own visuals, his individual works began to lean toward the ethereal, cellular/molecular, diaphanous of membrane, while his writing, appearing light on the page increased in its expressionistic, symbolic and gothic weight. Singular or collective, his oeuvre generated a recognizable but unexpected tone.


William Bruce Witsiepe (1951-1995)


1976-78, 1983 Louisville School of Art, BFA

1978-80, Cooper Union


Editions Anti-Utopia Artists Book Project

Circle X, music and action group

Your House is Mine, book and street project.

Solo exhibits:

1995, Garden Satellite Installation ,

Arena Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Group exhibits:

1995, “Drawn on the Museum”, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, CT

1994, Group Show, Curt Marcus Gallery, NYC

1993, “In Transit”, New Museum, NYC

“M’elevasti”, installation and performance, with CircleX,

The New School for Social Research, NYC

1992, Elements of a Tender Lighting, installation and collaborative exhibit,

with Coen, Pinotti, Witsiepe, Room 9, NYC

1992, Your House is Mine, Exit Art, NYC

1991, Raging in Hell, curated by Nancy Spero, Franklin Furnace, NYC

1991, Survival, Evasion and Escape, Witsiepe and John Ranard, installation

Exhibit, Bullet Space, NYC.

1990, Anti-Utopia, books and installation, Kunstler Haus, Hamburg, GER.

1990,,Anti-Utopia IV, installation and performance with CircleX and

Eros-Liotta, WEBO Gallery, NYC

1990, Selections Anti-Utopia, Center for Book Arts, NYC

1989, “An Act of Resistance”, Group Show, Bullet Space, NYC

1989, Anti-Utopia III, installation and book show, Bullet Space

1988, H.E.A.L., group show, ABC No Rio, NYC

Inner Space, book group show, Liberty Gallery, Louisville, KY


The Harvard Library, Cambridge, MA

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Metronome, Barcelona, Spain

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA

Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA

Franklin Furnace, NYC

George's Pompidou Centre, Nat'l Museum of Modern Art

Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami, FL

Art Metropole, Toronto, CAN.

The Whitney Museum, NYC

N.Y. Public Library, NYC

Bill Arning, NYC

Jean Noel Herlin, NYC

Herzog Bibliothek, Wolfenbuttel, GER.


Artist Book Beat, Nancy Princenthal

Print Collections News, 1989, 92, 95

"No Place Like Home", Elizabeth Hess, ArtForum, 1991

Anacapa Books, 1991 catalogue

Your House is Mine, book, 1988

Entre Messie et Deluge, editions Anti-Utopia, Coen/Witsiepe

Anti-Utopia, vols. I~IV, 1988-90

An Inclining Experiment, 1&2, 1995

Performances with Circle X:

1995, New School for Social Research, “M’elevasti Performance"

1993, Performances Circle X with Eros/Liotta, Grenoble, Fr.

Turino, IT, Bern, SW, Vienna, AUS , Prague, CZ, Budapest,HUN,

Berlin, GR, Paris, Fr.

1993, "The Inclining Project", Killtime, Philadelphia, PA

1992, Circle X, the Knitting Factory

1992, "The Pleasure Gallows", live radio performance, WFMU, N.J.

1992, "The Pleasure Gallows", with Eros/Liotta, The Living Theater, NYC

1992, "Hill and Gully", Louisville, KY

1991, "The Dervish Machine", Killtime, Philidelphia, PA

1990, "The Prayer Wheel", WEBO gallery, NYC

1990, "Compression of the Species", Pyramid, NYC

1988, New Directions Festival, Nyack, NY

1980-1987, "Insertion of The Miracle into The Day",NYC

"Opera Against Indifference",NYC

"Voyage, Atonement and Love",NYC

"Purity, Utopia and Heat",NYC

"The Myth Of Sisyphus",NYC

"The Life of Falconetti", Louisville, KY

" Convict Slave Cult",NYC

Swantzfest, Darmstadt, GR

Au Bains Douche, Paris, Fr

Univercite' de Dijon, Fr

Recordings and discography:

Various Circle X releases with Celluloid, Enigma and Matador Records,

Sordide Sentimental and American Gothic Records, The Ivory Tower Box

Set- under the auspices of Anti-Utopia,