featured gallery for March 2009

Liminal: Subliminal: Sublime

My eye tends to quieter images. I'm not sure why -- it just does. From stolid museums to raucous art fairs to the dignity of the Frank Moore Archive Project, I am attracted to images that wait to be discovered. A lack of color riot, free of drama screaming, less of that in-your-face-ness -- all attract me.

And finding these works in the archive at Visual AIDS has a special resonance. Work that stands for so much and yet leaves room for choice, to notice, to care.

Liminal -- above or below the line?

I'm overcome by the life-force that emanates from the work in the Archive Project. Artists who have chosen to cross a line time and time again. Above or below. Too little or too much. A bit or a lot. Representational or abstract. Studied or carefree. Serious or fun. Despair or optimism. Freedom or caution. Action or inaction. And on and on. These works inspire me to choose my interpretation, my (world) view, my reality.

Subliminal -- how much is enough and how little is too little?

AIDS is not over! Can we afford to be subtle? Can we plant a seed and trust that it will flourish? Can we dare to believe that a new Administration will bring sense to the chaotic nexus of health, education and HIV/AIDS? Art is political. The art of the Archive Project poses real questions. A chorus of life energy refusing to bow to fear, intimidation, ignorance. A collective at work to call us into action. From safe sex to charitable giving to political discourse. There are so many ways to be involved; to take responsibility.

Sublime -- sometimes it's just right.

As I pulled together this gallery of images, something shifted. Take the journey with me. From the barely perceptible through the carefully constructed to the luscious red blood of the tortured soul. From black and white graphic through marble riches to the yellow grip of proud manhood. My eye grew and my spirit was lifted.

Sincere thanks to Amy and Nelson for the opportunity to spend time with the Archive Project and gratitude to the artists for their tireless efforts and rich contributions.