John Larabee


John Larabee studied painting at the Massachusetts College of Art in 1980 and later at the Boston Museum School. During his career, John exhibited his work in Provincetown and Boston as well as in Washington D.C., New York City and Paris. In the fall of 1986 John was diagnosed with AIDS. For the next two years John did what came naturally to him - he made art.

This excerpt is taken from the catalog of John's work "Into the Light" published in conjunction with his show at Mass Art in 1990.


"Life passes so quickly. Only when I slow the pace of my life and observe those things around me which contribute to it, do I find solace, satisfaction, and happiness and the energy to go on.

Life is real and unreal, light and dark.

My painting is an attempt to understand the mystery of life. It is how I explain myself to myself and how I make sense of the world around me.

What is my place in it? In trying to understand my world perhaps I can help you understand yours.

Painting allows me to examine my conscious and unconscious mind, to express my feelings, to communicate with the world and to contribute to it.

It gives me joy and it is something I am compelled to do."

John Larabee

June, 1986.