featured gallery for February 2013

Longing for Time

adjective: not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion:
"timeless designs"
synonyms: eternal - perpetual - everlasting - undying - endless

The word timeless to me has always meant something pertaining
to art or design, a beautiful garden, stunning fashion, brilliant music,
film or architecture..
classic, forever.. never out of style..

as one gets older,
timeless has additional meanings..
meanings relating to heartfelt emotions..

a lasting love, friendship, family, home, travel, new cultures,
beautiful landscapes...divine food from the world over..
moments in time to cherish forever.. or

the heartbreak of loss..
of a friend, a parent, a child, a sibling, a partner, a pet..
witnessing cruelty around the world... poverty,
suffering, displacement, disease, death...

my instinct for choosing the art I've chosen..
are brilliant images I personally find timeless..

the style of this modern "classicism"..
is in my own interiors, art, and garden..
all edited down... clean, sculptural and simple..
it becomes a fine moment to use
the phrase "less is more"
selecting 20 images from the Visual AIDS archive..
they all have this simplicity... yet powerful commanding attention...

each moved me with great emotion ..
each beautiful or haunting with
the screaming silence of innocence, lost innocence,
illusion, or time passing....

each image expressed a "Timeless" emotion.. that of "Longing"

noun: A yearning desire.
adjective: Having or showing such desire. "her longing eyes"
synonyms: noun: yearning - desire - craving - hankering - hunger - thirst
adjective: wishful - wistful - hungry - desirous - yearning -
eager persistent desire or craving, especially for something
unattainable or distant

longing for love,
longing for acceptance,
longing for understanding
longing for hope,
longing for validation,
longing for respect,
longing for dignity,
longing for beauty.
longing for feeling beautiful,
longing for sex,
longing for passion,
longing for innocence,
longing for childhood,
longing for lightness,
longing for darkness,
longing for health,
longing for feeling alive,
longing for peace,
longing for rest

longing for time...

I pray for mankind, womankind, humankind, souls, our hearts...
I pray for those we have lost, and for those we have found,
I pray for healing throughout our planet..

I thank the brilliant talented artists who have blessed us
with the powerful impact of their art...

I thank the brilliant Visual AIDS
for reminding us our job is not done...

that AIDS is quite ALIVE and living in this world..
and this disease must rest in peace once and for all..

I am humbled by this lovely experience.

Joel Clark Gevis