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Joe De Hoyos


Joe De Hoyos has been a collage artist since 1987 when he took a special studies course at the University of Houston and fell in love with the process. He was drawn to working in a non-classical art medium finding influences in Dada, Surrealism, and Pop Art. Much like the Dadaists did he re-appropriates (found) imagery to create meaning out of unexpected juxtapositions. In his hands penises become line drawings, eyes become kites, and colorful dots symbolize viruses. Subjects he often touches upon include politics, sex, AIDS, fame, and consumerism. He was once described as New York’s premiere collage-ist.

A curator once commented that many of his compositions were sweet on the surface, but with a dark undertone upon inspection. Indeed many of his works are influenced by his experience of coming out as gay in less enlightened times, living with HIV / AIDS, and being a survivor of child abuse. However these themes are hardly visible upon first glance because they are not so much factually reported as they are poetically referred to.

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PHONE: (213) 505-1729

Solo Exhibitions

1999 Erotica, Tom of Finland, New York, NY; co-curated with Tom of Finland

Land of the Free...Home of the Brave, The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, New York, NY;
co-curated with Trish Kerle; sponsored by the National Museum of Lesbian and Gay History

Group Exhibitions

2011 Saints & Sinners, Antebellum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Curated by Rick Castro

Mixed Messages, La Mama La Galleria, New York, NY; Curated by John A. Chaich

2007 Pretty Soon: An Exhibition of Time-Oriented Work, 4 Walls Gallery, San Diego, CA; Curated by Elliot Linwood

2006 Between Ten, Spin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario; Curated by Visual AIDS

About Still Life, Space 743, San Francisco, CA; Co-curated by Termeh Yeghiazarian and Maysoun Wazwaz

Hope & Healing, SOMArts, San Francisco, CA; Co-curated by Pamela Peniston Pamela Wu Kochiyama

2006 Juried Erotic Art Show, The Kinsey Institute, Bloomington, IN; curated by Garry A. Milius

Tiny Fine Art, Art At Large Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Pet Sylvia

Do You Think I’m Disco?, Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx, NY; curated by Edwin Ramoran

2005 Proof Positive, San Francisco LGBT Center, San Francisco, CA; curated by Julie Blankenship

2004 Reversing Vandalism, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, CA; curated by Everett Erlandson

2003 Spaces Between, San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, CA; curated by Termeh Yeghiazarian

The Weather Report, Jewish Community Center, Louisville, KY; curated by Craig Bunting

Spice, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, CA; curated by Stephen Tourell

2000 Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD; curated by Gary Sangster, Executive Director

1998 Edifying Sappho and Socrates, Sydney, Australia/Amsterdam, Holland; curated by Rafael von Unslar with
Todd Roulette

1997 The Time Capsule, Museum of Modern Art's Education Center/World Wide Web, New York, NY; curated by Visual AIDS

Versus III, Velan, Italy; curated by Vezio Tomasinelli

Home is Where the Heart Is, White Columns, New York, NY; curated by Cassandra Langer

1996 A Living Testament of the Blood Fairies, Artists Space, New York, NY; curated Geoff Hicks, Frank Moore and Sur Rodney (Sur)

HIV/AIDS: In Our Own Voices, Manhattan Borough President's Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Tom Flood

Unity in Community, Manhattan Borough President's Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Tom Flood

Arts'/AIDS' Communities: Realizing the Archive Project, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA; curated by Visual AIDS/The Archive Project

1995 Universal Diversity 3, Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation, New York, NY; curated by Scott Holman

Spirits & Heroes, Peter Madero Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Peter Madero

Artgroup Addresses AIDS, Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation, New York, NY; curated by Scott Holman

1994 Heritage With Pride, Peter Madero Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Peter Madero

1993 Art, Sex, Fruit & More, MBM Gallery, New York, NY; curated by Michael Bradley Moore

Web Exhibitions

2012 This Belongs To Us; Feb. ’12; curated by Richard Haines

2011 Why Do You Insist On Flaunting?; Mar. ’11; curated by Sacha Yanow

2010 Treat My Words,; Nov. ’10; curated by John Chaich

The Pure Cut,; Mar. ’10; curated by Joseph Akel

2009 Art, AIDS and Activism,; Oct. ’09; curated by Jeanne Bergman

Writing Pictures,; July ’09; curated by Javior Romero

Living Better,; June ’09; curated by Craig Willse

Warriors,; May ’09; curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Making Movies,; Jan. ’09; curated by Bill Thelen

2007 Mnemonic Provocations,; Nov. ’07; curated by Mario H. Ramirez

2006 Vital Signs,; July ’06; curated by Catharina Manchanda

Tiny Fine Art, Tiny Fine Art Gallery,; curated by Pet Sylvia

2004 Intimately Acquainted,;Oct ‘04; curated by Grady T. Turner

Civil Disobedience,; Aug. ‘04; curated by Photios Giovanis

American Archetypes,; Feb ‘04; curated by Marc Lepson
Beyond XXX,; March ‘03; curated by Magalie Guerin

2001 Hot Dam! Picks,; June ‘01; curated by Carrie Moyer

and Sue Schaffner

An Exhibition,; March ‘01; curated by Julia Gruen


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Bay Area Video Coalition; San Francisco, CA; Web Development Certificate; August 2001-December 2001

School of Visual Arts; New York, NY; Continuing Education: Graphic Design; Spring 1998-Fall 1999

London University; London, England; Artists Exchange Program; Spring 1988

University of Houston; Houston, TX; Undergraduate Studies in Graphic Communications; Summer 1984-Spring 1988


Suzanne Murphy Albertson

The Kinsey Institute

Nick Debs

Geoffrey Hendricks


1999 Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL

1998 Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL

1997 Artists Space, New York, NY