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Giovanni Pigliapochi became familiar with still and moving images at an early age while growing up in a large Italian family with 6 siblings. His father would document the family's travels which sparked early curiosity and creative tendencies while growing up in Como, Italy. Giovanni's parents started creating and directing puppet shows in the '90s, which became a side job in order to support the family. The shows became an early creative outlet for Giovanni to display his talent playing the trumpet while opening the shows.

In 2016 Giovanni became a doctor graduating from Pavia University, Italy. During his university years, Giovanni's studies brought him to France and Portugal, which allowed him to explore various cultures and learn different languages. Giovanni’s final thesis was a study of the physical and mental health of sub-Saharan migrants arriving to Italy. Upon graduating, he started his professional career as a general doctor working at Costantino Foundation, a psychiatric residence for the disabled in Pavia Italy, as well as, working with migrant shelters around Milan.

Giovanni's love for the creative process never disappeared. In 2020 he started working as a production assistant in Milano working on advertising and in house campaigns for houses such as Burberry, Versace, Persol and Armani.

In 2023 Giovanni graduated from Bauer Photography school in Milan and now works as a freelance photographer and as a doctor. His latest works, which has allowed him to combine his love for photography with his history as a doctor, are a look into sociopolitical issues such as documenting the lives of patients living in the psychiatric facility where he worked, as well as, documenting the very emotional and personal journey of HIV therapy.

Giovanni loves to experiment and explore. The creative process has no rules, spacing from photography to collages, from sawing to writing, and he is determined to discover the beauty in telling stories that are often unseen or discussed.