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Glammy is a 33 year old artist, educator and proud HIV positive transgender woman. She is a high school art and health teacher and speaks at various high schools in the Bay Area about HIV history, stigma, and HIV justice today. Her art includes murals, printmaking and bedazzling everything around her. She has demonstrated with and made art for many ACT UP chapters and autonomous organizing efforts across the country.


I create art to heal myself, turn my demons into superpowers, and pay respects to our poz elders and ancestors, conveying how much support they give to new generations of people fighting to survive.

Most of my work uses forests as a metaphor to place our HIV positive elders (old growth trees), HIV positive ancestors (stumps), and the new generation of poz people (mushrooms and sprouts) in dialogue with each other. Tree stumps give birth to new life just as my poz and trans ancestors fought for me to be alive and inspire me to keep going. My public installations change and whither over time, working with forces outside of my control to create new meanings.