featured gallery for February 2020

Start Loving Us: Loving Positive Trans Women

In honor of LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN 2020, this web gallery features trans and gender nonconforming Artist Members celebrating the spectrum of their feminine beauty and power.

Kiara St. James reflects on loving and honoring Black Trans women's experiences and livelihoods below:

Black Trans women, it's time to start loving ourselves, respecting ourselves and redefining our boundaries. We are deserving of love and respect, but it starts with us believing that we are more than enough! As we move into a new year, we have the power to shift how we and the communities that we navigate see us. Walk in your truth unapologetically. Fix your crown whether you’re rocking a natural or a neon green wig. Know that you are a Queen. Let’s celebrate our Blackness in all of its rich hues, and remember that we have always been trailblazers and not followers, we have existed from the cradle of mother Africa and across all the lands. I want to encourage all my Black T girls to step into your power as a woman, as a beautiful melenated Goddess!

Start loving yourself even when it seems you are the only one who does. #StartLovingYourself #StartLovingUs


Join Positive Women's Network #PWNCares Sister Circle, a new program designed specifically to offer social support and community-building for cis and trans women living with HIV.

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