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Landriel Oviedo


Artivist and Cultural Manager, shaped from an early age by his mother, the artist and Fine Arts professor Sandra Oviedo, visual arts became his first language alongside writing. Since 2015, he embarked on the path of Positive Artivism, delving into performing arts as a playwright and comprehensive producer with the play 'A Mi No,' performed in Córdoba and CABA. In 2017, he collaborated as a performative interpreter with the Quri Kancha collective in the 'Archivos del goce y del deseo' project under the Platform Futuro initiative. From 2020, he initiated projects in positive artivism and human rights artivism. His works include 'Sin Globos No Hay Fiesta,' 'El Orgullo Nos Hace Vihsibles,' 'Banderas en Red,' 'Infancias Libres y Positivas,' and 'Recuerdos sobre Nubes.' Acknowledgments from provincial legislatures and the Provincial University of Córdoba have honored his actions. He was selected with the work '30400 Memoria, Verdad y Justicia?' at the Regional Salon of Northwestern Argentina. A member of VISUAL AIDS, he is part of the 'Pandemic Media' web gallery curated by Dr. Alexandra Juhasz. Currently residing and creating in La Rioja province


Positive Artivism has provided me with a precious opportunity to address my diagnosis constructively, transforming pain into love and serving as a catalyst for social change. Throughout my artistic journey, I have collaborated with medical foundations and civil society organizations in various expressive forms. It is my heartfelt desire that my artistic contributions significantly contribute to the creation of societies free from the shackles of stigma and discrimination.

  1. “A Mi No” 2015, Obra de Teatro, Teatro Real Córdoba, Argentina.
  2. “Archivos del Goce” 2017, Performance, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  3. “Del Amor, De La Vida y De La Suerte” 2017, Obra de Teatro, Teatro Metropolitan, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  4. “Sin Globos No Hay Fiesta” 2020, Instalación Performática, La Cañada, Córdoba, Argentina.
  5. “Cuídate Conmigo” 2021, Instalación, Paseo del Buen Pastor, Córdoba, Argentina.
  6. “12M Cantemos Todas, Nunca Mas Femicidios” 2021, Flashmob, Córdoba, Argentina.
  7. “Cantando Por La Memoria” 2021, Córdoba, Argentina.
  8. “Sin Globos No Hay Fiesta” 2021, Reconocimiento Sello “Hecho en Córdoba”. Córdoba, Argentina.
  9. “Sin Globos No Hay Fiesta” 2021, Instalación Performática Virtual, Centro Cultural España Córdoba, Argentina.
  10. “El Orgullo Nos Hace Vhisibles” 2021, Instalación Performática, Espacio Cultural Museo de las Mujeres. Córdoba, Argentina.
  11. “Inmarcesible”, 2021, Corto Agustina Capri, Corto Audiovisual Córdoba, Argentina.
  12. “Queremos La Cura” 2021, Instalación Performática, Rosario, Argentina.
  13. “Bandera en RED” 2021, Exhibición de Banderon, Córdoba, Argentina.
  14. “Memoria LGBT Ciudad de Córdoba” 2022, Corto Audiovisual, Córdoba, Argentina.
  15. “Pintando Banderas” 2022, Acción Perfomática, Santiago del Estero, Argentina.
  16. “Otras Vidas, Otros Cuerpos” 2022, Muestra y Charla Abierta con Sebastian Freire. 220CC, Córdoba, Argentina.
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  19. “Memoria, Identidad y Orgullo” 2022, Corto Audiovisual, La Rioja, Argentina.
  20. “El Orgullo Nos Hace Vihsibles” 2022, Muestra de Fotos, La Rioja, Argentina.
  21. “El Nombre Muerto” 2022, Music Hall, Teatro Real, Córdoba, Argentina.
  22. “Eugenio Talbot Wright” Alianza con AMT, 2023, Corto Audiovisual, La Rioja, Argentina.
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