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Liliana Maresca


Liliana Maresca, an Argentine artist, was a key figure who participated in the artistic scene since the early 80’s, starring the enthusiastic young bohemian that detonated Buenos Aires from the early years of democracy rapidly becoming an inflection figure, which initiates and develops many of the avant-garde that characterize the art of 90’s. Her body of works include painting, objects, sculptures, installations, performances and photographic performances. Her artworks reflected the neo-dada spirit, the minimalist models and the conceptual strategies that dominated the art scene in the second half of the century in Argentina, crisscrossed with the iconographic repertoire of alchemy and the spiritual quests overall, braving her self by the technological resources that the era offer her, without ever forgetting the necessary poetic elaboration.

She created her works during the period that ranged from the enthusiasm caused by the restoration of democracy in the mid-80s to the disappointment caused by the neoliberal policies of President Carlos Saúl Menem and his government (1989-99). She worked with society's waste (cardboard carts, umbrellas and abandoned chairs) but also with the force emanating from her own body. Maresca’s works exist the will to place herself outside the conventions and also the desire to point the limit to certain territories. These principles in her resistance plan provided a unique substance to her work.

Maresca died of AIDS in 1994, just a few days after the opening of her retrospective, Frenesí, at the Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires. (Source: Wikipedia, RolfArt, Hammer Museum and Marcela Guerrero)

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