Art makes an impact—in the way we think, how we feel, and in challenging us to action. At Visual AIDS, we believe in the important role that art and artists play in the ongoing fight against AIDS, and in addressing the underlying issues that contribute to the pandemic, such as poverty, homophobia, stigma and racism.

Visual AIDS has been working with artists, advocates, and friends like YOU, to lead the way in making a difference - and in this season of giving and reflection, we want to let you know that your support makes a big difference.

Visual AIDS is excited about several new projects in 2015, using art as an unmatched tool to reach new communities, share legacies, and build dialogue around HIV/AIDS, including:

• A monograph on figurative painter Hugh Steers, our second book dedicated to preserving the legacy of an artist lost too soon.
• The group exhibition Party Out of Bounds curated by Emily Colucci and Osmancan Yerebakan exploring the intersection of AIDS activism and city nightlife.
• Our annual International Curatorial Residency co-sponsored by Residency Unlimited for the research and study of visual art and cultural production around HIV/AIDS.
Talks on Artists Tseng Kwong Che, Chloe Dzubilo, and Benjamin Fredrickson; and Readings and Discussions with Gregg Bordowitz, Che Gosset, and Alice O'Malley. (check our event calendar for upcoming program dates)
• The 3rd edition of our Duets publication – pairing Dean Daderko and Elaine Reichek in conversation about the life and textile work of Nicholas Moufarrege.
Artist Projects and Public Programs that promote awareness of Longterm Survivors, Transgender Politics, Treatment as Prevention, HIV+ Women and more.
• Expansion of our online Artist Registry and increase the number of Artists+ Material Grants to empower low-income HIV+ artists to create.

Support from friends and colleagues like you make these programs possible.

If you believe that art still matters and want to see more programs from Visual AIDS, please consider making a donation today. Your gift of $50, $100, $500 or more to Visual AIDS will make a truly significant impact in supporting HIV+ artists, cultivating new art, and provoking critical public dialogue, because AIDS is not over.

Thank You & look forward to seeing you in 2015!

From the Staff of Visual AIDS,

Nelson Santos, Executive Director
Esther McGowan, Associate Director
Alex Fialho, Programs Manager

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Hugh Steers

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Chloe Dzubilo

Benjamin Fredrickson

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Tseng Kwong Chi

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Nicolas Moufarrege