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Shan Kelley


The deconstruction of language, identity, trauma, and biopolitics are themes which figure prominently in an examination of relationships between place, space, and people. I'm a mixed media artist who travels extensively, but continues to nurture relationships with communities that have hosted me. I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but currently spend the majority of my time in Montréal.


Since an HIV positive diagnosis turned my world upside down four years ago, my work has become a reflection of this important catalyst to art making as a means of instigation and agitation. It‘s with great personal conviction that I’m driven to reach out to those in need, stand up for those unable or unwilling, and work towards a shift in culture where health, human rights, and dignity are focal points of social change. I’m inspired to find my own voice within the context of disease and adversity and push forward using art as action against apathy or surrender.