featured gallery for February 2018


The healing that arises from the self-exploration and support of our own bodies and being is a very intimate, complex and beautiful process. Our journey as HIV+ women is not always clear, comfortable or heterogeneous, however, it continually transforms us so that we can seize power and freedom over our bodies, identities and lives. When I think of LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN, I feel self-care, truthfulness to myself, the pleasure of our positive bodies and those deep breaths that we take with closed eyes that make us feel that we are alive, that we are present and that everything will be fine.

LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN embraces our diversity, our rarity, our cycles, our vulnerabilities, our love, our fears and our sexiness. It is purely loving ourselves and our sisters, feeling desired by ourselves in every single way, and reminding us that we are worthy, unrepeatable, sovereign and how we’ve developed wings to fly through a valley of pleasure. It is to recognize that energy that emanates from each one of us, feeds those of us that need it, and complements us in sorority.

This gallery represents, for me, the complexity and fluidity of a never ending healing and empowerment process, the key moments and feelings. How we see ourselves, how we express what we feel, what we need to continue our journey, how we manage what we cannot change and how we come out from a chrysalis, shamelessly, is expressed with great particularity, which transforms and pushes us to support our bodies, pleasure, identity and lives.

LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN makes women living with HIV irresistible, because who can resist so much power...