To accompany our September 2020 web gallery, Ampler than Loneliness: Documenting Collective Resistance through HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, guest curator Journey Streams and members of the Visual AIDS staff met with selected artists via Zoom to discuss their artworks and COVID-19’s impact on their lived experience and artistic practice. These artist talks amend and expand the scope of the web gallery, providing space for artists to elaborate on the written narratives that were submitted with their art. Our discussions with Malaya Lakas, David Jester, Dina Raketa, Joyce McDonald, Anthony Rosado, and Wayne Bennett illustrate the variety of experiences that contextualize the artwork celebrated throughout this month.

Four of the interviews can be watched further below, as video interviews, while the other two written interviews with Wayne Bennett and Joyce McDonald can be viewed by following the links directly below.

Joyce McDonald

In early September 2020, Programs Associate, Blake Paskal caught up with Reverend Joyce McDonald to hear more about her sculptures honoring victims of police brutality and her personal journey of grieving and healing through artmaking in the face of racial injustice and multiple pandemics. Click here to read.

Wayne Bennett

Visual AIDS Archive Intern and guest curator Journey Streams speaks with artist member Wayne Bennett about his artwork, Quantum Entanglement: The Spooky Action of Desire, featured in Ampler than Loneliness. Bennett’s piece resonates with ongoing themes of solitude, intimacy, and connectedness central to many experiences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read.

Anthony Rosado

In this conversation, artist Anthony Rosado speaks with Journey, about the research that informed his painting "1767: Ní'Tiñao Slaying Colonizer", a sci-fi novel he's currently writing, and navigating a creative practice during quarantine.

Malaya Lakas

In this installment, Malaya Lakas speaks with Journey about how COVID-19 has impacted her practice as a social worker and provided new opportunities to return to artmaking over the last six months.

Dina Raketa

Dina Raketa joins Tracy Fenix, Artist Engagement & Archive Associate, to discuss Dina’s quarantine experience with her daughter, shooting a new photo series at Fort Tilden beach, and navigating multiple pandemics this year.

David Jester

In this interview, painter David Jester speaks with Journey from his studio in Palm Springs, CA. Jester shares his reflections on making work throughout quarantine and continuing his pool paintings.