featured gallery for September 1999


I chose these pieces as a way of honoring victims of violence. Violence brings chaos and confusion into the lives of the people it touches. They must then struggle to make peace with the trauma they have suffered. After spending several hours with these images, I was struck by a sense of calm that stayed with me long after I left the Visual AIDS archive to return to work. Maybe it's because the clean, elegant lines of these pieces seem to echo our efforts to winnow away the debris left by violence. Or perhaps it's that they are rendered with a sureness of hand that imparts a sense of order to the viewer. Whatever their secret, I hope that these images invoke the same serenity to others who view them as well.

1. Pedro Colon "Shame," 1996
11" x 8.5" ink on paper

2. Pedro Colon - Untitled

3. Ken Goodman, "Ball, Jacks," 1986
18"x18" ea. oil on canvas

4. Ken Goodman, "Marbles," 1987
18"x18" oil on canvas

5. Donnie Hudson - Untitled

6. Donnie Hudson - Untitled

7. Bob Corti, "Exposed:Michael," 1996
20"x16" black and white photograph

8. Abnel Rodriguez-Quiles, "Angel De Colores," 1996
11"x14" mixed media

9. Eric Rhein, "Important Human," 1997
9"x6" wire on paper

10. Eric Rhein, "Bartley's Etude," 1990
24" x 13" x 9.5" mixed media

11. Hugh Steers, "Black Bag"
45"x38" oil