featured gallery for May 1999


White is pervasive in my hospital environment: sheets, coats, gowns, and even walls, forming a seamless sterile expanse. Hospitals choose white to conjure images of purity and cleanliness, but, for me, the whiteness also erases a part of the patient's identities. As we strip patients of their belongings and substitute our own whiteness; we force them into anonymity -- we bleach out their personality. With the works of art displayed here, I celebrate the multicolored lives of all people living with illness: color not only found in the vivid hues of these works, but also in the inspiring stance of positive artists demanding recognition of their creativity and their lives!

1. Michael Harwood, "Among Boys and Men," 1996
36x12 two color prints

2. Michael Harwood, "Watertowers," 1996
24x18 two color prints

3. Rogelio Mendoza, "Lilys," 1996
45x65 acrylic on canvas

4. David Jester, "School Days," 1995
120x48x180 ea., Installation of found school chairs and mixed media

5. Alex Greenfield, "Untitled #10," 1993
65x35 oil on canvas

6. Tim McCarron, "Jose," 1994
22x28 oil on canvas

7. Tim McCarron, "Padre Y Hijo," 1998
56x68 oil on linen

8. Sean Earley, "Subway Series," 1988
36x36 oil on canvas

9. Luna Luis Ortiz, "Mari with Pink Hat," 1995
8x11 color photography

10. J. Robert Reed, "Poodle Installation," 1998
26x18x1.5 ea., vinyl, matting, bathmat, mixed media, leash

11. J. Robert Reed, "Gigi," 1998
26x18x1.5 vinyl, matting, bathmat, mixed media, leash

12. Martin Wong, "Saturday Night," 1992
30x45.7 acrylic on linen

13. Jorge Veras, "Untitled"
color photography

14. Abnel Rodriguez-Quiles, "Stampillas Santos," 1996