featured gallery for September 2013

The Caring Underground

Caring for each other is sissy work, is women's lot. It's for those born elsewhere, for those brought in chains. Queers and women, of family, of color, have always been the caring underground, the ultimate protection plan. Obliged to care, not to be cared for.

Not to be spoken of or considered outside of the maudlin, the assumed, the commercially-traded.

With a national mandate to not care, it's underground economy, and economy of scale, with labor non-protections exceeded only by farm work.

Food, care. The stuff of raw need, of living and dying, must stay hidden or at least kept behind opaque walls and deep woods. Lest it all unravel, simply corrode like paper vestments or explode like the bomb. Don't follow the money, honey.

Who is that underfoot, on whose lap does the child sit, what lays upstairs above the tidy parlor?

With whose eyes do we choose to see, and what will we choose to view? Unearthing caring, a privilege to walk with what ghosts?