featured gallery for August 2010

The Infidels' Hallelujah

In this series of chosen works, Bérubé touches on the delicate relationship between artist and dealer, a relationship that is vastly different, depending on whose point of view is considered. This is a business relationship that endeavors to achieve success by way of savvy marketing, media coverage, and buzz for a product that both parties involved hope inspires a buying public to make this public display of ideas and talent a part of their private lives. A constant force between these two parties is the sometimes conflicting interests shared by either of the two. Sales, artistic acclaim, street cred, one-upmanship and any of a number of other factors all combine to create what all involved hope will lead to a sense of fulfillment.

Having known Guy since I moved to Ottawa, I can say with certainty that the works selected for this exhibition accurately represent Guys taste for l'art brut and all it represents. In a way, working with Guy in choosing these works was a bit of a metaphor for the relationship between dealer and artist. In turn, one of us would select a group of works in a fit of excitement while the other examined them with a critical eye validating the choices or recommending their exclusion for one reason or another. Without delving too deeply philosophically, we both worked with the goal in mind to bring together a collection of work that represents a central idea -- the Infidels Hallelujah.

— Francesco Corsaro