Curtis Carman + Milton Garcia Ninja

We are excited to publish another installment of our oral history project, "The Body As An Archive," featuring visual and drag artist Curtis Carman in conversation with cartoonist and ballroom icon Milton Garcia Ninja. In an emotionally vulnerable and tender exchange, the pair reflects on the cultural impact and overlap of drag / ballroom cultures, the complicated politics of Pride, their unique approaches to living their art in both material and embodied mediums, and more. Additionally, each artist takes a moment to individually showcase some of their artwork and delve deeper into their processes in two shorter supplemental videos.

Watch, listen to, or read the transcripts of their videos here: https://www.oralhistories.visu...

A full list of participating artists is below:


Shirlene Cooper + Lucas Michael
Jorge Bordello + Beto Pérez
Curtis Carman + Milton Garcia Ninja

Coming Soon:

José Luis Cortés + Eric Rhein
Joe De Hoyos + Alexander Hernandez
Sunil Gupta + Carlos Gutierrez-Solana
Cea (Constantine Jones) + Nancer LeMoins
Glammy Rose Spencer + River Huston
Kairon Liu + Marguerite Van Cook
Mike Moreno + Joey Terrill
Reverend Joyce McDonald + Rafael Sánchez
Luna Luis Ortiz + Anthony Rosado

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Curtis Carman

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Milton Garcia Ninja